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:pokeball:PLEASE READ!:pokeball:
If you would like to affiliate, we only affiliate with groups that...
...are related to Pokemon comics/literature in some way! (Preferably related to Nuzlocke comics/stories, of course, but we like Pokemon in general)
...are not carbon-copies of our group, i.e. catch-all submit-your-Nuzlokce-here groups. If it's themed in some way so it's not catch-all, though, that's fine!


About Us, Rules, etc. . .

Welcome to Nuzlocke-Challenge!

:bulletred: What are we?
Nuzlocke-Challenge is a group dedicated to the Nuzlocke challenge. Don't know what it is? Look here!

:bulletblack: What do I submit?
Submit anything ranging to your own fan-comics, fanfics, fanart of the original, or your own custom Nuzlocke rules!

:bulletwhite: How do I join?
Just click the "Join our group" button.
- You don't need to ask to join!
- Join as a member and you will be able to contribute your Nuzlocke to the group; do not apply to the "Contributor" position, as that is a staff role within the group.

:pokeball: Any questions?
If you have any other questions, please note the club!


Submission Rules

:pokeball: If you have any questions or concerns applying to the group or your Nuzlocke, please notify us via note.</font>

:pokeball:Please try to submit your Nuzlocke to the correct folder. If you don't, we will deny it and ask you resubmit correctly.

:bulletred: "Featured" is very specific - only the first entry of the main part of your Nuzlocke goes here.
:bulletwhite: "Nuzlocke Comics 6" and "Literature Nuzlocke" take the rest of your Nuzlocke proper, (including written and picture logs,) as well as any side stories/bonus comics/etc. - with one exception, which is:
:bulletred: "Prologues and Background Info" should also be fairly straightforward, but one of our most common mistakes is people submitting prologues to "Featured" - so please be careful, prologues go here, not there! And of course, background info i.e. world-building fits here, too.
:bulletblack: "Nuzlocke Q+As". Fairly self-explanatory.
:bulletwhite: "Custom Nuzlocke Rules" has a similar problem - please submit rules here, not to "Featured"!
:bulletblack: "Artwork 2" is for just about everything else - cover pages, team profiles/ref sheets, memes, sketches, fan art/gift art, teasers/advertisements, etc. 'Cover pages' is underlined because those are also one of the most common things to be incorrectly submitted to "Featured".
:bulletred: Journals is exactly what it sounds like, a place for you to submit any Nuzlocke-related journals you've written
:bulletred: Resources are for "How to" and tutorials on the process. Coloring tutorials, panels, writing tips..etc etc.
"Is it a tutorial?"Put it in there.
"Step by step of the process?" Put it in there.
:bulletwhite: other folders are for group events and should not be submitted to otherwise.
Following these rules makes it easier for readers to find your comic!



:bulletred: PLEASE add a link to your title page and/or prologue on your first page comment section. The admins of this group do not have time to search through your gallery looking for them!

let us know about...
:bulletred: Shout-outs
:bulletwhite: Contests (your own or others)
:bulletblack: Any other information about Pokemon and Nuzlockes that we can spread the word!

:pokeball: NOCT3 :pokeball:

Join the NOCT3, our third Pokémon Original Character Tournament! This time, you're playing in an elaborate plot and setting on a recently colonized planet. As always, Pokémon will die. Because Nuzlocke.

Main Round 5 & Side Round 3 Deadline: January 15

Useful Links
Introduction | Plot/Setting | Continent Map | Tournament Guidelines and Schedule | FAQ | Prize List | Competitor Info Spreadsheet

:new: Annnnd that’s it! You know the drill, every entry submitted after 9PM EST is late, and if you informed us before the deadline that you’re going to be late, your penalty is lower.

No promises that the results will be here in a week because with almost no entries submitted before the final day, we couldn’t really get a head start on judging, but yeah, results will come soon.
And then: Prizes! The sacrifices of your poor characters must be rewarded at least a little bit. :’D

Like a fire bird that dies and comes back.....
yeah that thing....
It's a mythical beast and all,
some bird name" Hoe-ohno"was based off of it....
man whatever...
I don't have time to explain.
The time has come,
and so have I!
to tell you;

"A cure for the virus has finally been discovered. Yet now a battle has begun over the drawbacks of this cure. At Altumello City Hall are some few powerful supporters of mass immunization, a number of battlers in opposition, and still others who just want out of this mess. Even the leaders of the four factions have stepped in to fight. Let the final battle begin."

But first, formalities.
I know I speak for the rest of the staff when I apologize for the VAST delays.
Insert various real reasons here and there.
As stated beforehand,
and not some severe ploy to torture you all when you are so
close to your match up by delaying it with all this text...
The schedule will be adjusted to
accommodate this "fun break" we just experienced.
Enough stalling...
maybe a little more info.
just a little.
Because this is the final round and all,
things are gonna be a bit different.
Hope you like 3-4 way fights ya'll.

ROUND 5 Match ups..


:iconarkeis-andor:   Xander Andor /Scientists/ Pannep City /Neutral
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconposhkrogan: Sylvia White /Citizens Pannep City /For Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconstevobread: Axel/ Independents /Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:icondemonicsugarcube: Deirdre Hahn /Settlers /Against Vaccination


:iconplutonian-frostmonky: "The Heathen" /Independents /Outside Altumello/ Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconnuclear-smash: Dyllan Miles/ Scientists/ Tencko Village /Neutral
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconobtuselyrelated: Arin Decent /Citizens/ Pannep City /For Vaccination


:iconpkmnmasterwheeler: Allison Andrews/ Scientists Pannep City /Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconpikachewy99: Jeannine Dubois/ Settlers /Central Plains /Neutral
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconnontraveler: Adam Simmons /Scientists/ Hassenburgh 


:iconduchesslunaire: Damiana Tenebris/ Independents /Altumello /Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconconfusedkangaroo: Cecilia Bunting /Scientists /Lake Serenity /Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconnontraveler:Aesara Yan /Scientists /For Vaccination

:iconjazzmatazzie: Zack Remington/ Independents /Altumello /Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconkidariko: Evelyn Jones/ Settlers /Lake Serenity /Against Vaccination
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconreddancanoe:/Lucia McNiall/ Citizens /For Vaccination

So you may be wondering why none of the usual flare of who's using what is not here. 
Guess what. 
THIS IS THE FINAL...round....

-Those in the main contest are allowed to use all of their Pokemon.

-side contest are as always using the one pokemon they enter the side contest with.....just covering that base 

-Entries must depict at least 2 Pokemon from each trainer in their battle.
-Everyone has at least one opponent, so staff will not be filling in for any battles.
-Size constraints for both the main and side contests are
10 panels for artists and 3,500 words for writers.

Side Contest Round 3

:iconcymoahk: (Caleb)
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconthatlurkerguy: (Wen)
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconpapercactus: (Logan)
Eyeshield 21 Misc Emoji (VS) [V1] 
:iconleafquill: (Acacia)
You lovely folks get a 4-way brawl. 
Have fun with that.

We come to the deadline.
As promised, we said we would push that deadline back quite a bit to
compensate for the "super happy fun time delay"
and we did.

The deadline for Round 5/Side Contest 3 is;
January 15th, 2018 at 9:00 pm. EST

You all got this far. 
why not end it with a bang.

Useful Links
More Journal Entries


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cocokittykat Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Student Artist
Hey guys/gals I'm thinking about running a gijnka lock and need help desideding I cant run them all considering I'm already running a wedlock my choices are between 

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This is just a general question about a Moon Nuzlocke I'm planning. They give you a ton of revives in that game, so I'm thinking of instituting a "Saving Throw" rule. Does that prevent it from qualifying as a Nuzlocke?
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TheTalkingRooster Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
Um, sorry! I tried submitting to the Artwork 2 folder and this message kept popping up about how it exceeds the 5 submissions per week rule so I got frustrated and kept trying it. Sorry if it clutters the submission ask box.
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supersonicelsword Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
While I assume I am too late, is it still possible to join the oct?
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Kidariko Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Um I'm having a weird issue? I was trying to submit my Round 2 Entry and I got a pop-up message saying "Would Exceed the 2 deviations per 1 day"
I wasn't sure where to post this question so sorry if this is in the wrong spot!
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