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:pokeball:PLEASE READ!:pokeball:
If you would like to affiliate, please ASK US first! We only affiliate with groups that are related to NUZLOCKES and POKEMON COMICS in general!


About Us, Rules, etc. . .

:pokeball: Welcome to Nuzlocke-Challenge! :pokeball:

:bulletred: What are we?
Nuzlocke-Challenge is a group dedicated to the Nuzlocke challenge. Don't know what it is? Look here!

:bulletblack: What do I submit?
Submit anything ranging to your own fan-comics, fanfics, fanart of the original, or your own custom Nuzlocke rules!

:bulletwhite: How do I join?
Just click the "Join our group" button.
- You don't need to ask to join!
- Join as a member and you will be able to contribute your Nuzlocke to the group; do not apply to the "Contributor" position, as that is a staff role within the group.

:pokeball: Any questions?
If you have any other questions, please note the club!


:pokeball: If you have any questions or concerns applying to the group or your Nuzlocke, please notify us via note.

:pokeball: Please try to submit your Nuzlocke to the correct folder. If you don't, we will deny it and ask you resubmit correctly.

:bulletred: "Featured" is very specific - only the first entry of the main part of your Nuzlocke goes here.
:bulletwhite: "Nuzlocke Comics 4" and "literature Nuzlocke" take the rest of your Nuzlocke proper, (including written and picture logs,) as well as any side stories/bonus comics/etc. - with one exception, which is:
:bulletblack: "Q&A Nuzlockes". Fairly self-explanatory.
:bulletred: "Prologues and background info" should also be fairly straightforward, but one of our most common mistakes is people submitting prologues to "Featured" (and vice versa, submitting first pages here) - so please be careful, prologues go here, not there! And of course, background info i.e. world-building fits here, too.
:bulletwhite: "Custom Nuzlocke Rules" has a similar problem - please submit rules here, not to "Featured"!
:bulletblack: "Artwork 2" is for just about everything else - cover pages, team profiles/ref sheets, memes, sketches, fan art/gift art, etc. 'Cover pages' is underlined because those are also one of the most common things to be incorrectly submitted to "Featured".
:bulletred: other folders are for group events and should not be submitted to otherwise.
Following these rules makes it easier for readers to find your comic!


:bulletred: PLEASE add a link to your title page and/or prologue on your first page comment section. The admins of this group do not have time to search through your gallery looking for them!

let us know about...
:bulletred: Shout-outs
:bulletwhite: Contests (your own or others)
:bulletblack: Any other information about Pokemon and Nuzlockes that we can spread the word!
Alright!  It's been two weeks and the committee has come to their decisions!  So, without further ado, it's time to name our winners!  For each category, we'll name first and second place plus two or three runners-up (save for our smallest category).  Votes were actually fairly well-spread out, most categories seeing all nominees get point and only one category where more than one nominee was left at zero points.  Honorable mentions are listed alphabetically by creator.  Characters/runs/creators who got the most nominations are marked with an asterisk.

:pokeball: Best protagonist character (main character, team member, ally, etc.) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: Sara from First Summer by :iconkrisantyne:
:icon2ndplz: Sycamore* from Mon Amie by :iconjellehbear:
Honorable mention: Thomas' Team by Epifex ; Robin's Team by Mewitti ; Ken by YinDragon
It was a very tight race between first and second!  They were followed by a comfortable third, then a tight fourth through sixth.

:pokeball: Best antagonist character (rival, villainous team leader, any of their Pokemon, etc.) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: Giovanni from It's a Hard Life by :iconqlockwork:
:icon2ndplz: Proton from Judgement by :iconkittengoo:
Honorable mention: Silver by foldedem ; Steven Stone by LizDraws ; Fennel* by VolbeatFiro
Even more of a two-horse race than the protagonist category was!  Third through fifth was fairly tight, though.  As was mentioned in a previous journal concerning rivals, I think the wording for this and the Neutral category needs to be cleaned up for next year.

:pokeball: Best neutral character (NPC, gym leader, recurring legendary, etc.) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: The Gym Leaders* from Judgement by :iconkittengoo:
:icon2ndplz: Hayes from Doubt and Trust by :iconnyapapa:
Honorable mention: Harry by foldedem ; Rayquaza by kitfox-crimson ; Burgh by ky-nim
Second and third were close here, plus a big drop-off after fifth.

:pokeball: Best canon relationship (romantic, antagonistic, teammates - as long as it's "official" within the context of a comic/story) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: Leaf & Arnold from The Fall by :iconaerorwen:
:icon2ndplz: (tie) Molly & Duplicity* from Peanut's White by :iconfroodals:
:icon2ndplz: (tie) Yume & Hugh from BlackOut by :iconyumeyoroshii:
Honorable mention: Ramune & Damien by Cancer-Cub ; Nikky & Arceus by NikkyDash
First place ran away with this award, with seven points between first and second - and only two points between second and fifth!

:pokeball: Best non-canon relationship (any unofficial pairings made popular by creators/fans, including cross-canon relationships between characters from different creators) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: Marche & Nikky* by :iconmarche-towers: and :iconnikkydash:
Honorable mention: Dylan & Stinkies by dylandabomb and StinkiesDraws (aka TheNuzlockeDuo) ; Nina & N by ky-nim
So this was our smallest category, hence why I'm only picking out first place (who ran away with the category, btw, second and third were just a point apart with roughly the same points total between them as first had alone).  Considering how many friendships are forged here and the number of "crack pairings" you see fans make, I was kinda expecting more...


:pokeball: Best art style (that artists that makes you drool just looking at their comic/animations) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: Alterity by :iconmewitti:
:icon2ndplz: The Fall* by :iconaerorwen:
Honorable mention: Mostly Blue by ClimbTheCastleWalls ; Nessa's Emerald* by ShadeofShinon ; Burning Bridges by wanlingnic
Another very close race between first and second, followed by a drop to a tight third-through-fifth.  It's also worth noting that Doubt and Trust tied the other two for the most nominations here.

:pokeball: Best writing style (the writers who weaves words oh so wonderfully, through full stories or amazing screenshot narration) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: The Hunt x Hollow by :iconraineyj:
:icon2ndplz: Resistance by :iconfabusol:
Honorable mention: Green Genesis by dylandabomb ; Pokemon: Online by totaldile
Interestingly, neither of the two runs to receive multiple nominations in this category got to the top four through the voting, with the committee absolutely loving the top two here.  Just goes to show what gems you can find when you actually dig in to lit 'lockes!

:pokeball: Best drama/Most intense (storytelling that has you on the edge of your seat, or really brings out the feels) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: The Fall by :iconaerorwen:
:icon2ndplz: It's a Hard Life by :iconqlockwork:
Honorable mention: Reign by TeamHeartGold ; BlackOut by YumeYoroshii
Like with the writing category, neither of the two top nominees (five nominations) made top four in the voting, though that's partially because one never responded to their nomination notice.  First to second to tie-for-third was fairly well spread, though not a true runaway.

:pokeball: Best comedy/Funniest (the Nuzlockes that always have you laughing with every update) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: Nikky's Nuzlockes* by :iconnikkydash:
:icon2ndplz: Goddamn Critical Hits by :iconepifex:
Honorable mention: Wren Mode by DSWalton ; Kit's Nuzlockes by kitfox-crimson
This one WAS a clear runaway, ten points between first and second while four points between second and fourth.  Also worth noting that FireRed: Kick@$$ Mode tied Nikky's for most nominations.

:pokeball: Best adventure/Most fun (these are the 'lockes that always have you smiling and wanting to play along) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: First Summer* by :iconkrisantyne:
:icon2ndplz: Alterity by :iconmewitti:
Honorable mention: Tala's Adventure by TalaSeba ; WRINGLOCKE by Umberon9 ; To Find a Cure* by Vertigo-Gal
Not as strong a runaway, but still impressive: seven points between first and second, six between second and fifth.


:pokeball: Top producer (these people have incredibly profilic - they've made so much Nuzlocke for you to read!) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: :iconkitfox-crimson:*
:icon2ndplz: :iconangel-heart89:
Honorable mention: JellehBear ; LizDraws ; NikkyDash
Definitely hard to argue here!  It was a fairly straightforward 1-2-T3-5 in voting.

:pokeball: Top commenter (the people who gives the best and/or most feedback) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: :iconkrisantyne:*
:icon2ndplz: :iconpitchblackespresso:
Honorable mention: kitfox-crimson ; Velink ; VolbeatFiro*
A VERY tight race between first and second - just one point's difference!  Thank you two for being so active around the community!

:pokeball: Most reliable (these people can always be depended on to stay on-schedule with their updates, be it three times a week or twice a month) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: :iconaerorwen:*
:icon2ndplz: :iconblackwing2:
Honorable mention: Chiakiro ; Drizzle-Drought ; Kittengoo
This was easily the biggest landslide win of the awards ceremony!  A whopping 14pt lead.

:pokeball: Top event participant (the people who always participate in the community, and make the events* that much more fun!) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: :iconnikkydash:
:icon2ndplz: :iconmiss-arcadia:
Honorable mention: Krisantyne* ; Marche-Towers
Funny story: we had to change our rules slightly and let the committee members who were nominated here (and myself) vote on this award because most everyone else felt they hadn't followed the events closely enough.  I guess I overestimated how much the average community member pays attention to our events...

:pokeball: Super Pokefan (these people don't just Nuzlocke - they've got a ton of other Pokemon art and/or actively trade/battle with other group members with their games) :pokeball:
:icon1stplz: :icondswalton:
:icon2ndplz: :iconpitchblackespresso:
Honorable mention: Krisantyne ; ShadeofShinon ; VolbeatFiro
Understandably, the voting here was rather tight, as we all know how much everyone here loves Pokemon.  Ultimately there was only a gap of 6pts between first and sixth.


And that's that!  We will be doing this again next year. =-)  Are there any categories you'd like to see added (or removed)?  Some ideas I've already considered are saddest death, best battle, most improved, best collaboration, and a legacy award.  And what about the procedure do you like/dislike?
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