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Nuzlocke-Challenge is a group dedicated to the Nuzlocke challenge. Don't know what it is? Look here!

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Submit anything ranging to your own fan-comics, fanfics, fanart of the original, or your own custom Nuzlocke rules!

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Just click the "Join our group" button.
- You don't need to ask to join!
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:bulletblack: "Q&A Nuzlockes". Fairly self-explanatory.
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Sorry this is late!  I got distracted by the Emmys Monday night and then forgot until I got a few more confirmations today. X-D

Anyway, when compiling the ballot, this was the philosophy: take the five or so top nominee recipients, plus five or so "wild cards" - anyone not a top nominee-recipient but still got at least one nomination.  That way, the awards committee could balance between people who've gotten in on popularity and potential diamonds-in-the-rough.  Wild cards were chosen one of three ways - some spots were filled with written-run nominations on the logic that written runs would get more nominations if the medium as a whole got the attention it deserved, some were simply picks of mine, and the rest were picked semi-randomly in an attempt to maximize the total number of creators on the list.  In all, eighty different people are up for at least one award!  There are still some people who haven't responded to nomination notes, so I won't post those nominations publicly yet, though the awards committee knows who the "missing" nominees are.

The awards committee is already in discussion about the ballot!  They have about two weeks to discuss, then will make their final votes for each category (save for committee members who are nominated for some awards, they will not vote on those categories).  Voting is a points system.

So, without further ado, here's the list as it stands right now :

Character Awards

Alex from Alex's Ruby by Alex-namn
Akashe from The Untold by Antarija
Thomas' Team from Goddamn Critical Hits by Epifex
Team Sam the Great from FIRERED by GodSAMmit
Silver from Silver's White 2 by Honeywithfangs
Sycamore from Mon Amie by JellehBear
Sara from First Summer by Krisantyne
Razoff from Chronicles of Johto by Livious
Robin and Her(?) Team from Alterity by Mewitti
Dewey from Fiasco by Neko-Kame
Believe from Believe by Nights2Dreams
Captein from Ghost of the Past by Okonominazi
Estelle from Estelle's Emerald by RaisingHeartExelion
Ken from FireRed Kick@$$ Mode by YinDragon
Giovanni from FireRed by Cancer-Cub
Team Rocket from Resistance by Fabusol
Silver from Folded by foldedem
Reshiram from Peanut's White by Froodals
Proton from Judgement by Kittengoo
Steven Stone from Eliza's Ruby by LizDraws
Shade from Out.Law.Soul by Loki-Wings
Brenden from Alterity by Mewitti
Giovanni from It's a Hard Life by Qlockwork
Brenden from Estelle's Emerald by RaisingHeartExelion
Fennel from Odd Ones by VolbeatFiro
Whitney from Heart Attack by AranOcean
Harry from Folded by foldedem
Gary from Feeling Good by Kindle-flower
Rayquaza from Kit's Nuzlockes by kitfox-crimson
The Gym Leaders from Judgement by Kittengoo
Burgh from Myths of Unova by ky-nim
Roark from Far Behind by mod2amaryllis
Hayes from Doubt and Trust by Nyapapa
Brawley from Pokemon: Online by totaldile
Arceus from The Road to Truth by VampireKittyinpain23
Mew from FireRed Kick@$$ Mode by YinDragon
Canon relationship
Leaf & Arnold from The Fall by Aerorwen
Ramune & Damien from FireRed by Cancer-Cub
Karma & Primadonna from FireRed by Cancer-Cub
Molly & Duplicity from Peanut's White by Froodals
Sycamore & Precious from Mon Amie by JellehBear
Ryeval & Hiro from WB2 by Jonquilladin
Rin & Riki from The Burning Sky by Neowth
Nikky & Arceus from Nikky's Ruby by NikkyDash
Fenrir & Solveig from Nessa's Emerald by ShadeofShinon
Moira & Donahue from Burning Bridges by wanlingnic
Yume & Hugh from BlackOut by YumeYoroshii
Non-canon relationship
Dylan & Stinkies by dylandabomb and StinkiesDraws (aka TheNuzlockeDuo)
Sam & (insert name here) by GodSAMmit and others
Nina & N from Myths of Unova by ky-nim
Eliza & Steven from Eliza's Ruby by LizDraws
Eon & EVERYONE by Loki-Wings and others
Marche & Nikky by Marche-Towers and NikkyDash
Style Awards
Best Art

The Fall by Aerorwen
The Untold by Antarija
Systematical Error by BeatrixTheFinal
Mostly Blue by ClimbTheCastleWalls
Nix's Nuzlocke by firenose
Matt's Nuzlockes by mapsal313
Alterity by Mewitti
Fire Red by Norbiester
Doubt and Trust by Nyapapa
Sheer Cold by Ringo-Mikan
Nessa's Emerald by ShadeofShinon
JourneY by Shidare-Zakura
J.A.L. by Velink
Burning Bridges by wanlingnic
YTWC's Nuzlocke by Yamashita-akaDoragon
Best Writing
Green Genesis by dylandabomb
Resistance by Fabusol
Silver's White 2 by Honeywithfangs
Zana's FireRed Novel by Omen11
ThePokeman92's Nuzlockes by ThePokeman92
The Hunt x Hollow by RaineyJ
Estelle's Emerald by RaisingHeartExelion
Pokemon: Online by totaldile
Best drama/Most intense
The Fall by Aerorwen
Psychomon Distortion by artisan72
Mon Amie by JellehBear
WB2 by Jonquilladin
ky-nim's Nuzlockes by ky-nim
Out.Law.Soul by Loki-Wings
ThePokeman92's Nuzlockes by ThePokeman92
It's a Hard Life by Qlockwork
Nessa's Emerald by ShadeofShinon
Shiruba's SS by Shiruba-Wakahisa
Reign by TeamHeartGold
BlackOut by YumeYoroshii
Best comedy/Funniest
Heart Attack by AranOcean
Wren Mode by DSWalton
Goddamn Critical Hits by Epifex
Froodals' Nuzlockes by Froodals
Kit's Nuzlockes by kitfox-crimson
Fiasco by Neko-Kame
Nikky's Nuzlockes by NikkyDash
Death's Nuzlocke by Protocol00
Vanadis Soul by SilverVanadis
VolbeatFiro's Nuzlockes by VolbeatFiro
Burning Bridges by wanlingnic
FireRed Kick@$$ Mode by YinDragon
Best adventure/Most fun
Cancer-Cub's Nuzlockes by Cancer-Cub
Time on My Side by ChineseViking
Feeling Good by Kindle-flower
First Summer by Krisantyne
Alterity by Mewitti
Zana's FireRed Novel by Omen11
Nessa's Emerald by ShadeofShinon
Tala's Adventure by TalaSeba
WRINGLOCKE by Umberon9
To Find a Cure by Vertigo-Gal
Community Awards
Top producer

Top commenter
Most reliable
Top event participant
Super Pokefan
More Journal Entries


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